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USANA International Market Information

Important information about buying nutritional products online.

Most countries have uniformed regulations that govern the sale of vitamin supplements and those markets that USANA™ Health Sciences trades in, are no different.

Therefore USANA™ Vitamin Range, Skincare, and Food Range formulations may differ between countries. It is important when buying your products to purchase them in the country you live in.

As an example, in New Zealand the USANA Essentials – are now re-formulated and called the CellSentials. This particular multi-vitamin product which is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to go on sale in NZ may in well differ from the formulation as the USANA Essentials – now CellSentials – product which is approved to be on sale in USANA USA

Country specific governmental health regulations apply in all countries and each USANA™ product is labelled and formulated according to the local market regulations.

For example, in Australia USANA™ nutritional product bottles show a TGA ‘L’ approval number on the product label and Health Canada ‘NPN’ products labels appear on those products marketed in USANA Canada. These product labels show the products have been approved for sale and use in those countries.

USANA and Perfect Health Supplements recommend you purchase your USANA™ products with the official and approved USANA™ websites. You will see in the footer of this website an ADV number – this validates Perfect Health Supplements Sites to be an authorised and leading retailer of USANA™ Health Sciences Nutritional Products.

By buying USANA™ products from sites like Amazon, e-Bay and TradeMe, you are potentially buying ‘Grey Products’. These are possibly counterfeit USANA™ Products, or products that have been ‘swapped out’ and lesser quality products sold on. These products will not have any guarantee from the company as you receipts will be from those online trading sites. These products could also be dangerous to your health.

USANA’s Policies are for products not to be shipped out of the country they are sold into. Your IP address will determine your location and you will be able to use the USANA Shop listed in your area.

USANA International Markets are:

* If you have already been in contact with another USANA Associate, we encourage you to contact that individual for more information.

* If you have already been in contact with another USANA Associate, we encourage you to contact that individual for more information.